What is SpruceSpruce?

SpruceSpruce is a Tree Service Company for the modern home.  We make the process of getting tree services executed for your home or business easier, faster, and more transparent.

With traditional tree service providers, it can take weeks to get a bid and then even more time to get the work done.  Bids across vendors can be widely different and have historically been commonly opaque.  Lastly, communication and scheduling can feel painful and time-consuming.  At SpruceSpruce we eliminate that friction and lack of transparency.

Why is Regular Tree Service Important?

Regular tree service is critical to property maintenance.  For most families, their largest asset is their home.  It is important to maintain precarious branches from potentially causing expensive home repairs or dangerous circumstances. 

What Types of Tree Services are offered by SpruceSpruce?

Tree trimming, stump removal, tree removal, and brush removal are the common services we offer.  We can also help with holiday decorations and emergency service.  If it has anything to do with a tree or bush, likely it’s right up our alley!

Why is SpruceSpruce better?

We do everything we can to accelerate the bidding process, provide transparent quotes, and make the entire process as simple and seamless as possible.  Tree services can be a large expense for a household, we strive for our customers to feel confident that they are getting a fair price with no hassle.